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Camrose Registry Ltd. (Alberta Registry Agent)

Learning Centre Driving School > Drive Test Examination Centre > Learning Center > Camrose Registry Ltd. (Alberta Registry Agent)
5613 48 Ave, Camrose, AB T4V 0J9, Canada
(780) 672-1671

Registry agents offer registration, information and licensing services on behalf of government.

Registry agents provide information on vehicle and driver services.

Vehicle services:

vehicle registrations – vehicle information reports – personalized licence plate applications – antique licence plates – in-transit permits – some prorate services

Driver services:

searches – driving abstracts – driver licensing and testing – commercial licensing – motorcycle and off-highway licensing – suspensions – fine payments – information on vehicle seizures

Driver’s knowledge test:

Before getting any class of licence in Alberta, you will need to take a drivers knowledge test. This tests your knowledge of traffic laws.


Review & Ratting

lu Reno

09 Sep 2020 10:03
"Switched to AMA Rude, smelly only 1 nice young lady"

Rose Dela Cruz

21 Feb 2020 11:46
"I really appreciate the 2 ladies that helped me with requesting for my marriage certificate but 1 lady was really rude and telling her colleague that I was changing my stories on filling up the paper for certificate. There was a mistake when i filled up the paper and it was my mistake I admit it because im a human. but man, that lady talks infront of me to her colleague which is not really appreciated. They better pick people that are more pleasant and not rude to works in registries. I have better experiences in other registries than in my own town. Jeez"

Daijon paul

14 Feb 2020 09:35
"Nice staff , helping behaviour"

Jason Kenny

07 Jan 2019 09:06
"Very rude staff. We have no choice in Camrose.. else I would have opted some place else. Women dominated... no men.. Even manager is rude.. All front desk women are rude in there behavior. They really don't know how to talk to elders. I can't give less than 1 star.. else i would have given -5. I fail to understand why don't they hire men because they know how to talk to elders..."

Amanda Bot

11 Aug 2018 05:10
"The ladies are always very nice, and will explain everything you need if you have any trouble. Definitely a lot easier to deal with then the big city registry."