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Gold Key Registry Ltd. (Alberta Registry Agent)

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233 3 Ave, Strathmore, AB T1P 1N7, Canada
(403) 934-2375

Registry agents offer registration, information and licensing services on behalf of government.

Registry agents provide information on vehicle and driver services.

Vehicle services:

vehicle registrations – vehicle information reports – personalized licence plate applications – antique licence plates – in-transit permits – some prorate services

Driver services:

searches – driving abstracts – driver licensing and testing – commercial licensing – motorcycle and off-highway licensing – suspensions – fine payments – information on vehicle seizures

Driver’s knowledge test:

Before getting any class of licence in Alberta, you will need to take a drivers knowledge test. This tests your knowledge of traffic laws.


Review & Ratting

Jason Leshchyshyn

01 Sep 2020 05:49
"These guys are quick and I REALLY appreciate the alternative methods of getting my registrations done during Covid. They have been very responsive when I email them. Good job guys!"

Violet Jayde

08 Sep 2020 07:29
"I am utterly appalled with the customer service that I got today! I called to ask the registry to see (with covid 9) if they were doing the class 5 drivers exam and to see what the safety measures I would need to take while doing it. Well I called them and was greeted with the most SNOTTY, ARROGANT woman that I have ever encountered in my life!!! I wasn't calling to make her life miserable, I just wanted to be sure, to keep myself (who has an auto immune issues) and everyone around me safe. I feel like we should be kind to one another during this time. I cant believe how rude she was to me, but honesty what can you expect from Strathmore at this point. IF YOU HATE YOUR JOB, FIND ANOTHER ONE, or if that isn't an option than you should make what you have bearable. I will NEVER bother you with my time again!!!!"

Greg Poffenroth

01 Oct 2020 05:40
"Had a really bad experience when i went renew my rehistry todat with a gal named bailey.I handed her my registry and pink card for a vehicle and told her i wanted to renew all my vehicles,she laughed and said you only have registry for one,she asked howwmany and i said 8 or 10 what ever is listed,she vontinued to laugh!In all my years of registering you only needed one pink card for proof of insurance and one of the registered vehicles!Don't know why she gave me such a hard time but I walked out and won't be back!I have a farm policy and auto policy here!,so all she had too do was look up my pink cards for the 12 vehicles,instead of losing my business!"

louise green

18 Aug 2020 10:47
"Was good today no line up got in and out quickly"

Chris Legault

27 May 2020 09:46
"Quick and easy. I did not have to wait too long in the lineup outside and it was an easy transaction"