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Jasper Registries (Alberta Registry Agent)

Learning Centre Driving School > Drive Test Examination Centre > Learning Center > Jasper Registries (Alberta Registry Agent)
308 Connaught Dr, Jasper, AB T0E 1E0, Canada
(780) 852-5994

Registry agents offer registration, information and licensing services on behalf of government.

Registry agents provide information on vehicle and driver services.

Vehicle services:

vehicle registrations – vehicle information reports – personalized licence plate applications – antique licence plates – in-transit permits – some prorate services

Driver services:

searches – driving abstracts – driver licensing and testing – commercial licensing – motorcycle and off-highway licensing – suspensions – fine payments – information on vehicle seizures

Driver’s knowledge test:

Before getting any class of licence in Alberta, you will need to take a drivers knowledge test. This tests your knowledge of traffic laws.


Review & Ratting


11 Sep 2020 04:48
"I called ahead to ask about what was needed to switch my license from Alberta to BC. While on the phone they told me what was needed and I mentioned I would be coming that Friday as I had the day off. We ended the conversation and I drove all the way there (2 hours) only for them to tell me I now need to make an appointment due to covid. Are you kidding me? Why wouldn’t this be something mentioned on our initial conversation on the phone. Poorly run place."

Leafs Fan

04 Sep 2020 09:34
"If you guys are going to continue with the by-appointment-only scheduling, post it."

Chad P

10 Aug 2020 03:45
"Obnoxious and rude. Completely out of touch with customer service. Horrible experience."

erik hato conde

10 Jun 2020 06:58
"Nice and fast customer attention"

Debbie Claassens

25 Aug 2020 09:50
"You need an appointment."