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Lacombe Registries Ltd. (Alberta Registry Agent)

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5033 52 St, Lacombe, AB T4L 2A6, Canada
(403) 782-6969

Registry agents offer registration, information and licensing services on behalf of government.

Registry agents provide information on vehicle and driver services.

Vehicle services:

vehicle registrations – vehicle information reports – personalized licence plate applications – antique licence plates – in-transit permits – some prorate services

Driver services:

searches – driving abstracts – driver licensing and testing – commercial licensing – motorcycle and off-highway licensing – suspensions – fine payments – information on vehicle seizures

Driver’s knowledge test:

Before getting any class of licence in Alberta, you will need to take a drivers knowledge test. This tests your knowledge of traffic laws.


Review & Ratting

Laurée Kerbrat

22 Jan 2020 09:44
"My friend was buying a car in Lacombe and we're from Edmonton, we got there with a decent amount of time before closing but then my friend discovered he needed to do something with his insurance company before he could register his new car. My friend ended up being on the phone for over 45 minutes, mostly on hold, and the nice ladies at the registry stayed open almost 30 minutes past closing in order to help him after he was done being given the runaround on the phone with insurance. We appreciated it so much since we came from Edmonton so we would've been screwed if they hadn't, we probably would have had to go all the way back to Edmonton and come back to Lacombe the next day. Great staff!"

Vernon Wiberg

13 Jul 2020 07:41
"Thanks for all the help today Cathy! Great attitude."

Chris Wilson

11 Aug 2020 02:22
"Excellent service and friendly staff, I was well looked after at Lacombe Registries."

Ali Maddison

07 Mar 2020 01:17
"Fast service here and great staff. Quirt knowlegeable and willing to help..nice to have a registry close by"

Omar Bouhafs

28 Jul 2020 06:16
"very nice people and great services"