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Sydney - Driver Examination & Testing

Learning Centre Driving School > Drive Test Examination Centre > Learning Center > Sydney - Driver Examination & Testing
Nova Scotia
380 Kings Rd, Sydney, NS B1S 1A8, Canada
(800) 670-4357

Review & Ratting

Mark Floerke

25 Aug 2020 06:22
"During the pandemic it is appointment preferred, but still arrive 20+ minutes early and let them know you are there. There is a guard at the door checking preregistered names. They do have walk-ins, as scheduling allows, but those with appointments have priority. As a walk-in you could be in line for 1-2 hours depending. Once you get to a counter, service is friendly efficient and very helpful. If you are nearby in the area in advance of wanting to schedule an appointment, it i. Easiest to drop off a call request form. The have preprinted forms there. You fill in the day, time of day you would like, and a call back number. Nova Scotia Access will then call you to confirm scheduling an available day and time. To call Access Nova Scotia to make an appointment can take a long time to get through. It took me 45 minutes of non stop repeated dialing. Sometimes you get transferred only to get a busy signal. As long as it rings or you are on hold with music or messages, you are almost there, don’t hang up. If you get a busy signal at any point, don’t be surprised, hang up and start again."

Chris M

22 Sep 2020 07:03
"Marked this as "ok" as it was always lined up, the seats were ok, the ticketing system using the computer felt unnecessarily complicated but the staff were generally quick and efficient once you got to the front of the line"

susan mason-macdonald

13 Jul 2020 11:55
"I understand they are "busy" with phone calls as I have gotten to the menu twice only to get transferred to a busy signal in a 1/2 hour time frame. I think to book an appointment should have been something that could be done online. I guess it will be another stand in line for a hour to get into the building."

skybot 999

20 Jun 2020 05:40
"I need a copy of my certificate of registration. The web site says to call and an automated voice tells you to go to the website. Clearly another government institution that should be privatised."

David Taylor

30 Jul 2020 11:50
"Have been trying for a week, and for the fourth time, to schedule an appointment to renew my driver's license and am constantly met with a busy signal when calling. Encountering a busy signal on a government line is unacceptable. At the very least there should be a hold queue or, more ideally, the option to schedule/request a callback to have your needs addressed. Nova Scotia has handled the re-opening of government offices, due to COVID-19, extremely poorly and is making it more difficult on residents, and employees, than it should be."