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Casselman DriveTest Centre

Learning Centre Driving School > Drive Test Examination Centre > Learning Center > Casselman DriveTest Centre
651 Principale St, Casselman, ON K0A 1M0, Canada
(613) 764-2839

Knowledge tests for all licence classes are offered in all DriveTest Centres. Knowledge tests are written tests that determine whether you have a good understanding of the rules of the road and traffic signs. They consist of multiple-choice questions based on the official drivers handbooks.

Road tests (for cars/vans/small trucks; motorcycles; and commercial vehicles) assess your driving skills according to MTO criteria. A road test involves driving your own vehicle with a driver examiner as an observer.

Telephone Road Test Bookings

1-888-570-6110 or 647-776-0331


Review & Ratting


16 Oct 2020 06:34
"Very knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant experience. Only 1 person working but she is very efficient. Best times around 930 (open at 830 but busy). After lunch around 230."

J Jackson

01 Mar 2019 05:11
"This is just a note of the service I received in Casselman Ontario. The service was very professional. Sometimes you go somewhere and you feel a little intimidated to ask questions. But in this office the lady was very soft spoken and explains things fully. When you leave you feel very good about the service you received. I would definitely recommend the service in Casselman."

Jay Dee

11 Apr 2019 03:01
"The person who served me was not only knowledgeable and professional, but she was also kind and patient. I watched her help an elderly man who was confused and couldn’t remember his postal code. Then there was a family who had recently moved and couldn’t find their health cards. They were on the way to the clinic because their child was ill. They had not filled out any paperwork. Throughout, the Service Ontario employee was as kind and patient as she was efficient. She made certain they understood all the forms and in both cases the people left with smiles on their faces. I feel fortunate to have this service in my community for it’s convenience, but more so because of the kind woman who works there."

AL Leo

11 Apr 2017 04:37
"People these days have no respect or patience she is but ONE person!! I have been dealing with her for a minimum of 30 years and have NEVER had ANY issues, go there READY and KNOWING what YOU are doing and don't expect her to break any rules because she cannot and will not!! she is privately owned and gets slapped on the wrists easily by the government if any mistakes etc, so give the woman a chance to do her job without whining and complaining."

Thys B.

26 Sep 2018 03:52
"I have never experienced such an unprofessional government worker in all of my life! As a Canadian citizen, I am embarrassed to see such treatment of people. There obviously needs to be training in communication and people skills. I will never re-visit this location again!!"

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