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Orangeville DriveTest Centre

Learning Centre Driving School > Drive Test Examination Centre > Learning Center > Orangeville DriveTest Centre
50 4th Ave, Orangeville, ON L9W 4P1, Canada
(888) 570-6110

Knowledge tests for all licence classes are offered in all DriveTest Centres. Knowledge tests are written tests that determine whether you have a good understanding of the rules of the road and traffic signs. They consist of multiple-choice questions based on the official drivers handbooks.

Road tests (for cars/vans/small trucks; motorcycles; and commercial vehicles) assess your driving skills according to MTO criteria. A road test involves driving your own vehicle with a driver examiner as an observer.

Telephone Road Test Bookings

1-888-570-6110 or 647-776-0331


Review & Ratting

Chuck Thibeault

08 Sep 2020 10:36
"Waited in line for four hours. There was no communication at ANY point to the people waiting in the multiple lines about how the process was working and/or possible wait time. Instead, the staff hid inside and let the public try to sort things out on their own. We all had the misery of the TERRIBLE service levels to keep us united. My son was finally third in line to get in and we were told they were closing and we would have to come back. This was at 4:50. At 4pm he was fourth in line to take his G1 test. How is it possible that it takes more than an hour per test. Avoid this place at ALL costs. Hopefully it is a third-party service provider and they go out of business. At best, the management team there needs to better understand how far a little bit of communication will go. I am beyond frustrated!"

Karima Samim

30 Sep 2020 05:05
"Efficient, polite and respectful and professional staff, I had a great experience at this center. At first when I arrived 15 minutes before my test, I noticed the long queue and got nervous that I won’t make it to register on time. But the greeter approached anyone joined the queue line and directed them to the right lane, she was professional and friendly. The examiner very professional and thorough! My appointment was at 10:22, and the examiner started the test right on time! And the lady at the reception who issued the license was efficient and professional. My overall wait time, test and getting license literally took me no more than 30 min! I recommend this location to anyone who have had bad experience in other centers like I did in the past."


22 Sep 2020 05:20
"I had a G test weeks ago, and all the experience was good. There was a lady at the front desk who was responsible for greeting and arranging, and was very patient with me and helped me check it in. The examiner the lady is very friendly as well, and never makes me feel nervous at all during the test. Just love this place."

Dan Nunes

16 Sep 2020 06:58
"The ladies at the counter know absolutely nothing about what they are doing, and will waste your time for an hour because they're confused about any and every situation. Been to this place 3 times to deal with an issue, and each person gave me an absolutely different approach and ended up asking me to leave because i needed something when I would bring it the other person said i didn't need that and said i needed somyhing else, they literally just dont want to deal with your issues. the employees need to be evaluated and replaced, its absolutely abhorrent and disrespectful vibe and the interior is disgusting and unclean and you think a government building would care about covid rules."

Parvesh Kumar

09 Sep 2020 01:10
"I had my g2 test today and I was so nervous for my test and thankfully I passed it. I would say their staff is really really nice and polite. I had a very good experience."

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