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St. Catharines DriveTest Centre

Learning Centre Driving School > Drive Test Examination Centre > Learning Center > St. Catharines DriveTest Centre
285 Bunting Rd #1, St. Catharines, ON L2M 7T9, Canada
(888) 570-6110

Knowledge tests for all licence classes are offered in all DriveTest Centres. Knowledge tests are written tests that determine whether you have a good understanding of the rules of the road and traffic signs. They consist of multiple-choice questions based on the official drivers handbooks.

Road tests (for cars/vans/small trucks; motorcycles; and commercial vehicles) assess your driving skills according to MTO criteria. A road test involves driving your own vehicle with a driver examiner as an observer.

Telephone Road Test Bookings

1-888-570-6110 or 647-776-0331

St. Catharines Drive Test Centre Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
St. Catharines Drive Test Centre Telephone Road Test Bookings
1-888-570-6110 or 647-776-0331
St. Catharines Drive Test Centre Road Tests Offered
A | B | C | D | E | F | G2 | G | LM2 | LM | M2 | M | Z |

Review & Ratting

Lászlo S

03 Sep 2020 11:18
"My son passed. The evaluator was fair."

David Ponce

16 Sep 2020 06:14
"They are working a little slow because the Covid situation, but making a great effort. Everything is fine there."

Anonymous Human013

04 Sep 2020 01:59
"We came to Ontario in March and have tried several times to go to the drive test place in St. Catharines to have our drivers licence changed but the line ups are always crazy long. So today we went at 7:30 in the morning, waited in line to get to the front to be told that they are not doing our month of birth only Jan-June. They won’t let us in and tell us to come back next week. We drove an hr to get there and I took a day off work and they can’t make an exception? We tried calling the number no one answers and the vm is full. It says on the window they will allow on certain exceptions but not us. Finally after saying we want to speak to a supervisor (which we were told would be here any min 30 min later) to come out and say we will let you in, I started to say thank you and she stopped me and said we are letting you in because we HAVE to. All the staff where all snotty and rude. Yes we were upset because of driving far and taking time off from work to be told no but during the time of Covid there should be a grey area. Certain situations need different exceptions. I would not recommend this place - go somewhere else. The staff there are snotty, rude, and entitled with there power. Not impressed."

Wojciech Dobrowolski

06 Oct 2020 05:35
"Be super careful doing your M2 Exit. They have recently added orange markings (not seen on satellite images) enforcing one-way traffic on their parking lot that are obstructed by parked vehicles. They will disqualify you for "impending traffic" (even when you did not!) if you make the left turn once you enter the lot at the end of the exam. Also they will try to nick you during the emergency stop near a fire hydrant (you have to stop further away!). I hope this helps someone. Book your exams online if you want fast processing! Lines are long!"

David Smythe

09 Sep 2020 06:09
"Not one person here wants to help you. There's a very good reason it has a low rating but unfortunately its not like you can go anywhere else."

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