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Thunder Bay DriveTest Centre

Learning Centre Driving School > Drive Test Examination Centre > Learning Center > Thunder Bay DriveTest Centre
1186 Memorial Ave #2, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5K5, Canada
(888) 570-6110

Knowledge tests for all licence classes are offered in all DriveTest Centres. Knowledge tests are written tests that determine whether you have a good understanding of the rules of the road and traffic signs. They consist of multiple-choice questions based on the official drivers handbooks.

Road tests (for cars/vans/small trucks; motorcycles; and commercial vehicles) assess your driving skills according to MTO criteria. A road test involves driving your own vehicle with a driver examiner as an observer.

Telephone Road Test Bookings

1-888-570-6110 or 647-776-0331


Review & Ratting


14 Sep 2020 01:09
"Slow service!! 1 hour later of waiting in line...I'm not even through the doors... not happy...."

Yehudi Canalia

24 Sep 2020 04:31
"Staff is extremely rude and unorganized, there's a huge lack of customer care skills. Don't expect them to help you solve your problems as it seems they almost enjoy treating people like garbage. The first time I biked there to get my G1 I dealt with three different staff members who requested me to bring different documents each time. I had to bike six times back and forth from Port Arthur just because they couldn't communicate with each other and figure out what I had to bring with me. By the time I waited in line for the last time, it was too late for me to attend my test as they were going to close, so I had to leave. Last week I should have attended my road test, be careful where you park your car! There's a parking lot in the front, one in the side and another one in the back. When you check in with the computer there are only two options: front or back. I parked the car on the side but it was closer to the back, so I typed in "back". I got there 40 minutes earlier, I waited and waited but the examiner didn't show up. They knew I was around, they had my license plate, color and brand of the car. They said they couldn't find me because I parked in the front.... So remember, if you park on the side, it's still considered front. My test was cancelled, I will have to pay again and they couldn't rebook another test for me cause the system was down. I'm currently looking to book a road test somewhere else because I can't wait until february 2021 (I'm going to have a baby soon). Someone is getting paid but clearly they're not doing their job, there's no common sense, there's no humanity. We are their customers and we pay them, this place is open thanks to us, yet this is the service they offer in Thunder Bay."

Minisa Berries

07 Oct 2020 04:31
"Had to wait in line for HOURS. THere was only one lady at the front desk. She was stressed out over her work load. I do not believe she is a bad person. This amount of pressure and stress is not healthy for an individual and her focus. They wrote down two different dates different by the month. She verbally said one day but now looking at the date it is on the weekend and the organization is closed. Bad experience overall in organization and how poorly the organization treats their employees and expect them to hold this place up when the ratio of employees to customers is like 1:100."

Canada 420

08 Oct 2020 02:19
"Terrible staff gave them a taste of their own medicine today and they couldn’t take it and the glass was half full. I don’t care I will drive somewhere else out of town instead of going here. That fat cow by the desk is a joke"

Derek M

27 Jul 2020 06:31
"If you enjoy things going the speed of molasses in January, this place is for you. There is only 2 kiosks open and it took 40 minutes just to get the motorcycle book that I can't seem to find anywhere else in town. They also only accept cash for the books, which is so silly."

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