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How to get rid of fruit flies

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How to get rid of fruit flies

Fruit flies can be a pesky and frustrating problem, but there are several methods you can use to get rid of them. Here are a few options:

  • Trap them with apple cider vinegar: Fill a small dish with apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap. Cover the dish with plastic wrap and poke several small holes in the top with a fork. The fruit flies will be attracted to the vinegar, but the dish soap will make it difficult for them to escape.
  • Use a fruit fly trap: You can purchase a fruit fly trap at most hardware stores or online. These traps use a lure or bait to attract the fruit flies and trap them inside.
  • Clean up and remove sources of attraction: Fruit flies are attracted to ripe or rotting fruits and vegetables, as well as other moist or sugary substances. Keep your kitchen clean and remove any sources of attraction that may be drawing the fruit flies.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner: Use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment to suck up the fruit flies. This method can be effective in removing large numbers of fruit flies at once.
  • Seal your trash: Make sure your trash cans are properly sealed and dispose of any rotting or overripe fruits or vegetables immediately.

By using a combination of these methods, you can effectively get rid of fruit flies and prevent them from coming back.