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Where is virgin river filmed

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“Virgin River” is a popular Netflix original series that premiered in December 2019. The show is based on the Virgin River book series by author Robyn Carr and follows the story of Melinda “Mel” Monroe, a nurse practitioner who moves to the small town of Virgin River in search of a fresh start.

The show stars Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel and Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan, the owner of a local bar and restaurant. The series also features a cast of supporting characters, including other town residents and Mel’s colleagues at the local medical clinic.

The show explores themes such as love, loss, family, and community as Mel adjusts to life in Virgin River and begins to form connections with the town’s residents. “Virgin River” has been well-received by audiences and has been praised for its heartwarming storylines and charming small-town setting. The series has since been renewed for a fourth season.

The Netflix series “Virgin River” is primarily filmed in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The show is set in the fictional town of Virgin River, California, but most of the filming takes place in and around Vancouver and its surrounding areas. Some of the specific filming locations used for the show include the town of Squamish, the village of Port Coquitlam, and the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia. Other locations in the province have also been used as stand-ins for various California settings depicted in the show.